Road conditions – AUGUST 2017

Shorobe to South Gate

From Shorobe to Mawana Vet fence is still very corrugated and bumpy, lower your tyre pressure and take it easy.

Mawana Vet Fence to South Gate is bumpy with some hidden holes, some big ones.

Mawana Vet Fence to Mababe Village

Dry, bumpy and getting quite dusty. Deep holes here and there, washouts and corrugations.

The 1st 15km probably the worst with big holes, Dust and washouts. After Sankuyo the road is not too corrugated, just bumpy.

South Gate to 3rd Bridge

There is now a temporary road at the Bodumatau turn off 20km north of South Gate and another at 3rd bridge to access the campsite.

The main road is almost dry; the detours are still in place.

Although 3rd Bridge is repaired there still is a big puddle you have to drive through from the campsite side, take it easy, it is a sandy bottom but bumpy, the water comes up the bottom of the doors on a cruiser.

Still lots of water around. The Bodumatau road is still closed; there is a lot of water on it.

3rd bridge to Xakanaxa

The 3rd Bridge is now repaired so one can cross again. Take care with some of the game drive routes towards Xakanaxa.

The main road is fine, sandy and bumpy.

South Gate to Xakanaxa

Dry, Bumpy and dusty with a few big holes, nothing to worry about.

South Gate to Khwai (North Gate)

Dry, Bumpy and Dusty. Watch out for speeding vehicles heading your way from Khwai.

Xakanaxa to Khwai

Just before Dombo Hippo Pools you turn right onto the ‘Dry Route’ which bypasses the river crossing. Road getting dusty.

Most of the floodplains are now dry, just bumpy.

Khwai to Mababe Gate

The road through Khwai village is dry and one can pass through without problem.

From the white concrete bridge to the Mababe gate turn off the road is in pretty good. A few small potholes here and there.

Mababe Gate to Savuti

The Mababe Depression also is dry. A few ruts and bumps but fine to drive through.

Use the Sand Ridge road and NOT the Marsh road. Some people are using the Marsh road but it is VERY Bumpy and Dusty.

Savuti to Kachikau

A few bumps and getting sandy in patches, but fine throughout the route.

Take your time, drive carefully and enjoy.

Road Conditions Courtesy of McKenzie Booking & 4 X 4 Hire