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Khwai Development Trust


Khwai Development Trust serves as not only one of the country's best managed Community Based Natural Resource Management Programs but also a perfect stop over when traveling between the two national reserves.

Khwai Development Trust operates camping facilities at Magotho, Sable Ally and Matswere Campsites.

Magotho Campground is located 20 kms east of the Khwai Village along the main Moremi - Savuti Road.
The Campground derives its name from the Setswana of Acacia Erolba or Camel-thorn, these towering giants grow in abundance in the area and provide shade to the Campsites. Elephant often wonder quietly through the campsites allowing visitors the unique opportunity to observe them close up.

Matswere, is named for the grove of Giant Leadwood or Combretum imberbe that this exclusive campsite is set in.
The Site is located Along the Sable Alley River south of the old Mochaba Camp and 5kms from the Magotho Campground.
Visitors to this Campsite are treated to spectacular views of the Sable Alley River system and the fascinating bird-life that call it home.

Sable Alley is an exclusive campsite located on the western side of Matswere, 1km from Sable Alley River with a gentle stream running close to it.
The site is located under Combretum imberbe or Leadwood Trees and Croton megalobotrys or Large fever-berry trees.
This campsite is interestingly, a breeding ground for one of Botswana's most endangered bird species, the Slaty Egret.

Rules and Regulations:- Camps and Campsites
No electronic music-making equipment may be used at the site.

Occupation of sites after 11am on arrival; the facilities must be vacated by 11am on the morning of departure.

No firewood may be collected within one kilometer of any campsite and no vegetation may be cut at the campsite.

All fire ashes must be burried in a hole deep enough so that the ashes can be covered by 30cm of soil.

Campers must provide their own toilets which must be either chemical/water or biobogs (The dimensions of the hole for sewage disposal must not exceed 30cm square x 1.5metres deep). The hole should be filled with soil when it is 30cm from full.

No rubbish pits may be dug or litter discarded at the campsite. All litter should be transported to the nearest town.

No new roads may be made in the vicinity of the campsite.

The number of people at the campsite must not exceed 20 (including staff)

No allocation of camp site; sites, will be allotted on numbers basis

This place offers the following activities

  • Birdwatching
  • Boat for Hire or Arranged
  • Cultural / Heritage Sites
  • Game Viewing
  • Guided Walks
  • Walks

This place will accept the following methods of payment

  • Bank (online banking)Transfer
  • Bank Guaranteed Cheque
  • Cash (Major Currencies)
  • Cash(Local & Foreign)
  • Debit Cards
  • Major Credit Cards